"Robin is very intuitive to the needs and emotions of people in the room and the flow of the day."


Natalya Adrossova

September 2015, Adler International Learning


"Robin is a phenomenal instructor. She truly had a pulse and feel of the participants and then parlayed that to the pace of the course. Excellent anecdotes. Super, super job."


Bill Wesioly

September 2015, Adler International Learning


"When we were at the Just For Laughs Festival together, Robin was my Scotty Bowman. I still turn to her today for support on business and personal projects, including my upcoming business book."


Andy Nulman

President of Festivals and Television, Just For Laughs


"The best word to describe Robin’s coaching is ‘amazing’. I was amazed by how little I knew about myself, especially my own essential strengths and values. I was amazed by how helpful and insightful every session was, even when I thought I had nothing to say. I am amazed by the results Robin helped bring about in my life and career."


Anne Fenn



"Robin was SPECTACULAR! I learned so much from her. Who she is as a person and how she taught the course contributed enormously to my enjoyment and satisfaction. Thank you!"


Cait O’Donnell

September 2015, Adler International Learning


"Robin is incredible. Her method of instruction is so engaging and her energy and passion is contagious! I’ve heard the satisfaction of this course highly depends on the facilitator."


Uzma Abdullah

September 2015, Adler International Learning


"A lot of people have questions and cannot find answers. A lot of people do not know what a coach is. Robin is the person you would like to have as a coach, as she not only helps you to “open the box” and “your box” but she also helps you find the tools you need in order to move forward in your personal and professional lives.

     Robin is a great person and has a lot of expertise in making you feel comfortable during the coaching sessions. Overall she is very knowledgeable, and as I am unique and you are unique, she is able to adapt herself to anyone and to any situation.

     Her listening skills are top notch, and I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with her. Thank you again for making these sessions extremely useful for me, but also enjoyable for all."


Francois Bleytou

Innovation Team, MolsonCoors Canada


"I cannot say enough positive things about working with Robin. I learned so much about myself. Each session brought new “a-ha!” moments of understanding and clarity. As a result of Robin’s coaching, I have noticed a positive difference in my outlook, my confidence, and the way I interact with the world around me."


Tessa Barlow-Riley

Direct Energy


"My time spent with Robin has been invaluable! The structure Robin has provided, and the skills she has of always asking the right questions, have helped me to get to know myself better. It is through these conversations that I feel I will be well prepared for professional growth and for the next phase in my life. I am truly excited about the future.


Stephanie Faulds

HRG International


"Robin’s process is engaging and dynamic. Moreover, her intuitive style facilitates enlightening discussions that save time and increase efficiency in our work as a team. We look forward to sessions knowing that they will allow us to achieve greater levels of cooperation and performance."


Richard Wajs

President, TWC International Executive Search


"Robin facilitated a workshop for a client of mine in regards to working and living in a positive manner. The results, as measured by the participants’ evaluations, were excellent. People were able to share deeply in a trusting and caring environment. I would highly recommend Robin when organizations or companies are looking for a warm, professional facilitator who can get to the heart of the topic with the participants. Top qualities are: Great Results , Personable , Creative."


Heidi Wilker

Owner, Blessed Events


"Robin facilitated a workshop for our client base and did a fabulous job of delivering an upbeat and interactive session which, based on participant feedback, was extremely valuable for all those in attendance. I was admittedly a bit skeptical that a topic focusing on the “Simple Steps to Lasting Happiness” would be well received by a diverse business audience but Robin delivered. Robin was able to present her concepts in a clear and concise fashion and demonstrated her flexibility and quick thinking in dealing with varying situations that clients presented. Regardless of one’s situation, I believe that Robin’s knowledge and experience, combined with her unique flare as a presenter, has something to offer everyone."


Nancy Dun

Verity International Limited

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