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What clients say about Robin and her work

Robin Altman created Toronto based Radiate with the express purpose of helping people and teams become the best that they can be in order to accelerate their organization’s success and advance professionally. She works with executives, creative professionals, entrepreneurs and organizations, helping them enhance their leadership ability and optimize team effectiveness.


“Individuals and teams are at their best when they’re ‘on purpose,’ meaning when they are accessing and using their unique strengths and attributes to collaborate and achieve results at an accelerated pace. Most of us exist outside our zone of peak performance,” says Robin. “Coaching can help you and your team step into that zone, and realize your full potential to accomplish what has previously seemed beyond you.”


Robin is also on the Coaching Faculty at Adler Graduate Professional School, fully accredited by the International Coach Federation and a pioneer in coaching education. There, she instructs classes that guide student coaches to certification. She is also a mentor coach.


Robin acquired 20 years' experience in the field of Media & Entertainment. She became known as an entrepreneurial and creative trailblazer, and went on to work in broadcasting and telecommunications, rounding out her corporate expertise in the areas of content creation and digital media.


Robin is fully accredited, is a practiced listener and brings an amenable and genuine style that enables clients to trust as they explore terrain unfamiliar, exciting and all too rarely visited.


Before launching Radiate Coaching, Robin spent 20 years in the Media, Entertainment and Telecommunications industries.


As a creative leader working with companies such as Just For Laughs: The Montreal International Comedy Festival, CTV Television Networks, and TELUS, she developed new brands and distributed original content across multiple media platforms.



Trailblazing in Media & Entertainment

Over an 11-year tenure at Just For Laughs, Robin served various posts including Director of Communications, Director of Outdoor Programming, Director of Merchandising and Head of Industry Programming. She helped build the Festival to an internationally-acclaimed success.


Robin then launched CTV’s Quebec Development Office. Over four years she supervised the development of original films, television series and documentaries for the Toronto-based Dramatic Programming Department.


TELUS Mobility then hired Robin to spearhead its first Content and Programming strategy for its mobile platform. Robin’s responsibilities grew to encompass Entertainment and Music Content for all of TELUS’ platforms.



Coaching – From Passion to Vocation

From marketing and communications to program planning and development, Robin’s success was founded on innovation and resourcefulness as well as her ability to develop and inspire the individuals on her teams.


Guided by a drive to help people advance professionally and personally, Robin was lead to pursue coaching as her vocation.



Education & Coaching Qualifications

Robin obtained her Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in Marketing from Concordia University.


She received her Certification in Leadership Coaching from the University of Toronto in conjunction with Adler Graduate Professional School. She received her Certification in Team Coaching: The Living Systems Approach from Adler as well, and her Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation.




From 2011 to 2015 through her company Radiate Coaching, Robin ran Creative Coaching Workshops, Master classes and networking events like the C8 Creative Summit Dinner for members of Toronto’s Spoke Club.


Robin has lead workshops and keynotes for the Toronto Chapter of Women in Film & Television’s Career and Leadership Advancement Programs.


Robin has also served as an Executive Coach to Lee Hecht Harrison and other organizations, for which she provides coaching services in the areas of Leadership and Talent Development (TD).


She has appeared on City TV’s Breakfast Television and Cityline as a guest expert.



Robin is a member of the International Coach Federation and the GTA-Coaches Association.


Originally from Montreal, Robin is still a die-hard Habs fan, lover of bagels, Mount Royal and Tam -Tams. She speaks fluent English and French and now resides in Toronto.



What distinguishes Robin as a coach?

Robin believes that people become mobile when they’re able to discover, articulate and harness their unique abilities. As a coach, her top priority is to provide support that enhances the skills, resources, and creativity that you or your team already have, while challenging you to take them to the next level. Here’s how:


First, she helps people and teams get connected to who they are when they’re at their best, to the core of what makes them distinctly successful.


Second, she listens deeply to get to the true essence of any matter, to identify the hidden connections and themes that often go unspoken.


And finally, as Robin gets to know her clients, she begins to see their true potential. She holds that mirror up for them so that they can see it for themselves, and in turn leverage it to create success.



What Robin Does:

Robin’s approach consists of three elements that help move the action forward and create the desired results:


1 – The unique process that she tailors to your needs: As a professional coach, Robin is trained to help clients focus and more efficiently produce results by providing the tools, support and structure to transform to their next level of performance, leadership and fulfillment.


2 –  The thought-provoking nature of the conversation that coach and client engage in: To have a “coaching conversation” means that Robin listens, speaks and make choices about what to listen for and what questions to ask. Although the agenda for the conversation is always your choice, it sometimes involves her intervening so that it supports your overall goals.


3 – The relationship Robin develops together with her clients, based on connection and building of trust: It is very important for coach and client to have a solid, open rapport, respect for each other and above all, trust that they are working together with the same agenda in mind.


Coaching focuses on what the client wants to achieve. Therefore, the best way to understand coaching is to experience it.


It is also dangerous for coaches to imagine that the use of any technique, however powerful, will allow them to escape engaging fully with the client with openness, courage, and curiosity. Techniques cannot replace human heart and creativity in coaching.

- James Flaherty



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